Crime Conn​​

I attended this conference  on 5/18/19. It was excellent for writers of mysteries.  There were several panels of attorneys, judges, investigators, mystery writers, and police talking on a variety of topics including ballistics, mystery writing, investigative procedures  and legal procedures.  It was a great day topped off by hearing Hallie  Ephron speak about writing.  If you are interested in writing, consider her book Writing and Selling your Mystery Novel- The Complete Revised and Expanded Guide to Mystery, Suspense and Crime.

Joan’s Latest News

Rebuilding Life after Lost Love​
Brenda Whiteside interviewed Joan on the subject of Rebuilding Life SecretDesires_eBook_finalafter Lost Love. Joan discussed the background of Secret Desires. Visit:  to
read the entire interview.

Pace Alumni Website
Two of Joan’s books, “Let Go, Let it Flow Leadership” and “Secret Desires” are featured on the author page of the Pace Alumni Website:

Lolita Lempicka
Joan’s Lolita Lempicka perfume bottle is now part of the ​International lolitalbottlecopyright2019joa ramirez
Perfume Bottlers Association collection on display at Perfume Passages Museum at 789 Plum Tree Road, Barrington Hills, Il.

News & Upcoming Events


SECRET DESIRES BY JL REGEN IS NOW ON SALE AT AUDIBLE.COM AND WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE ON iTunes and as an audio book. Now you can listen to Margo’s story and cheer her on as you commute to work in your car or on public transportation or sit back and adjust your headsets in the comfort of your home.


 On September 16, 2018  Joan will be at the Brooklyn Book Fair from 12PM

 to 2PM signing copies of Secret Desires.  Stop by, chat and purchase a

 copy and she will sign it!


Joan will be attending “Killer Nashville Book Conference” in late August 22 to August 26, 2018.