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Below is my interview with Beverly Bateman:  (http://beverleybateman.blogspot.ca/)

JL Regan Talks About Reviews                                    cropped-secretdesires_ebook_final11-20162.jpg

This week we’re going to find out a little about author Joan Ramirez who writes as J.L. Regan. Joan will be talking about reviews. She’ll also tell us a little about herself and her writing, and answer some fun questions.

J.L. Regen’s book was inspired by a real life story of lovers who join hearts against many odds. She lives in the New York metropolitan area, is a published photojournalist, has short suspense stories online, and has taught special education and English as a Second Language to students around the globe. This is her first contemporary romance. She has also published three nonfiction books. Beverley: How important are reviews for your book? Joan: Reviews are important because they give me an idea of what to take out or put in for next novel. Beverley: How do you get reviews? Joan: I get reviews by posting my novel to book-related sites and doing as much live promo as I can Beverley: Do you pay for reviews? Joan: I do not pay for reviews Beverley: How many reviews does an author need? Why? Joan: An author needs good reviews –as many as possible. They build motivation. Beverley: If you get a bad review, how do you handle it? Joan:  I would hope not to get many bad reviews Beverley: Anything else you’d like to add on the importance of interviews? Joan: Interviews tell readers about my book Beverley: Which genre or genres do you write or prefer to write? Joan: I prefer romantic suspense Beverley: What prompted you to write in the genre/s you do? Joan: I’ve always wanted to write a romance and this was partly based on a true story Beverley: What genres do you enjoy reading? Joan: I enjoy suspense and historical Beverley: I’d love to hear what you think of the present genres, how they’ve been affected by self-publishing and where you think they might be headed. Joan: I think genres are an acquired taste and self-published books are growing rapidly Beverley: How long have you been writing? Joan: I have been writing since I’m 12 when I submitted my first published piece Beverley: Who influenced you the most in deciding to become a writer? Joan: My Mom influenced me most Beverley: What obstacles did you have to overcome to begin creating your work? Joan: Obstacles–learning the genre, of course Beverley: What gets your creative juices flowing? Joan: I get my creative juices flowing every morning but kids I teach motivate me re children’s books, which I’m now getting into more and more Beverley: What will stop your creative muse the quickest? Joan: Nothing stops my creative muse Beverley: What do you have for breakfast? Joan: I eat tea, toast, and cheese Beverley: Where do you do most of your writing? Joan: I write from my home Beverley: Do you have a favorite cartoon character? Why? Joan: Yes, Betty Boop. She’s cool Beverley: Who would you love most to meet ‘in person’ and why? Joan: I would loved to have met Eleanor Roosevelt. My hero Beverley: If you had an unexpected free day what would you do with it? Joan: When I have free time, I write and scout out ideas for books Beverley: What are you working on now? Joan: I’m working on my first romantic suspense and my first historical suspense.

Buy Link: For order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (E-book format. ISBN:97809984099-0-0)  You can find Joan at:

Website: Joansbookshelf.com And Writerjr1044@gmail.com

Writing to Motivate: An Interview with Author Joan Ramirez

Joan Ramirez’s book, Jamie is Autistic, Learning in a Special Way, was inspired by the many special learners that she has taught as a Special Education teacher.
She lives in New Jersey and has an M.S. in Journalism, an M.S. in English as a Second Language, and an M.S. in Elementary/Special Education. She is also a published photographer and has traveled worldwide to give workshops in photojournalism.
Her book, Let it Go,Let it Flow Leadership published by Motivational Press, has motivated managers of all levels to advance in their organizations. Her book, Go for It Leadership Handbook for All Students by Audible.com is still motivating high school students in Europe to go for it.
I would like to welcome and thank Joan for sharing her thoughts and time with Write on Fight on.

How long have you been writing?

My first article was published when I was nine.

What book made you realize you wanted to be a writer?

To Kill a Mockingbird inspired me to write.

Do you have any quirky writing rituals or odd sources of writing inspiration?

My dear friend, Isabelle Holland, who wrote The Man Without a Face, is my inspiration.

Why do you write? 

I write to motivate, to inspire, and to entertain with thought-provoking stories.

 If you could build a super-author consisting of three, living or deceased, authors who would you pick and why?

Isabelle Holland, Marilyn Henderson, and Robin Hathaway–three women who went before their time.

What author would you like to meet for lunch? Why?

I would like to meet Charles Dickens for lunch and pick his brain.What are you currently working on that’s got you excited?

What are you working on now? What are you excited about?

I’m working on the fragrance novel and will be working on a suspense set in Brazil. Every book I write gets me excited.

Joan’s books can be found on Amazon.com. 

or the Barnes & Nobles website

You can connect with Joan on Facebook or at Joansbookshelf.com


SOURCE: May 2017 Romance Writers of America—New York City Chapter newsletter

Wonder WomanWhat makes a strong heroine?    It’s only my opinion, but I think a strong heroine is one who, like a tree in a storm, knows how to bend with the wind and remain standing after it passes. No matter what happens in her life, particularly with the matters of the heart, she moves forward with her life.

How can a heroine evolve?   A heroine should move from being co-dependent on her partner and wishy washy to a strong woman who knows what she wants in life and how to achieve her goals, both personal and professional.

What attracts us to the strong heroine?   We admire her courage in the face of adversity and cheer her on through same. We also worry that she will achieve her goals. Men find strong heroines sexy because they are not shrinking violets who cling to a man’s arm. They know how to make a man feel like a man without being needy.

Secret Desires News

secretdesires_ebook_final11-2016A review from a reader on NetGallery:

I enjoyed the overall story of Secret Desires but I felt at times there was a lot going on. But when I think about it, this is kind of true to life. One’s life isn’t just a single storyline.   Hilda
Would you purchase this book for yourself of a friend? YES



Secret Desires was acknowledged in the current issue of the International Women’s Writing Guild Newsletter in their HOT OFF THE PRESSES column.