Crime Conn​​

I attended this conference  on 5/18/19. It was excellent for writers of mysteries.  There were several panels of attorneys, judges, investigators, mystery writers, and police talking on a variety of topics including ballistics, mystery writing, investigative procedures  and legal procedures.  It was a great day topped off by hearing Hallie  Ephron speak about writing.  If you are interested in writing, consider her book Writing and Selling your Mystery Novel- The Complete Revised and Expanded Guide to Mystery, Suspense and Crime.

Secret Desires entered in the Readers Choice Awards!!

My romance, Secret Desires, is up for the Readers Choice Award in the romance category. From now until August 10, you can vote for me so that I WIN. Here are the instructions:

1. Go to this link:

2. You will see a list of books. Go to Page 7 (numbers are in blue in upper left hand corner) and click on the image for Secret Desires by JL Regen and choose your voting method–Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
JL Regen (aka Joan Ramirez)           cropped-secretdesires_ebook_final11-20162.jpg