Let’s Hear it for Girl Power


The following appeared in Keynotes published by NYC Romance Writers of America- #6

My heroine starts out open to love but guards her heart because of past experiences.  When a chance encounter with her former high school sweetheart goes sour, she vows never to let another man hurt her again.  She really cared for Rocco.  He stepped on her heart by trying to take away her dignity.  When Mark enters her life, she sets the ground rules for their relationship.  as she gains confidence in the work world and sees what her friends are giving up to have a man in their lives, my heroine is resolved to make her career her main priority.  She emerges as a women of substance who will not be taken for granted.



Publicity for “Secret Desires”

March is shaping up as a good month for publicity for Secret Desires. Adds/articles promoting Secret Desires have appeared in the following publications:cropped-secretdesires_ebook_final11-20162.jpg

Marketing for Romance Writer Magazine

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“March Madness & Things newsletter

Secret Desires was featured and Joan interviewed by Constance Bretes for her “March Madness & Things” newsletter.

LIRW “Shore Lines” NewsletterLIRW logo 2

Secret Desires was featured in the Member Announcements section of “Shore Lines” the newsletter of the Long Island Romance Writers.  March 2018, Volume 23, No 3.